The management of the labor, hot climate and warming moreover

4 plans for the welfare and enterprise in the XXI century

In practice, the number of jobs is decreasing, the demands and expectations of companies are increasingly higher day is no longer the exclusive authority of the chiefs; such manifestations, among others, claim that human management leaders strengthen their abilities to think conceptually and strategically in new ways to encourage and recognize the results achieved by employees.

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Necessary relation: labour climate and productivity

Already is culminating the World Cup Brazil 2014, marks 25 days of global euphoria with results that have surpassed historical attendance figures, transactional social networks, viewers worldwide and of course, new sports records.

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Human resources like engine of innovation and managerial competitiveness

You find a brief self-diagnosis to identify the degree of contribution of his management as leader in human talent to promoting the creativity and taking advantage of the potential of executives and collaborators.

‘ In the process of innovation the decisions take with great uncertainty and only the certainty of which it is necessary to try it allows to overcome the doubts ‘. This way the Manual of Oslo refers to the activities inherent in the principal areas in which the companies are called to innovate:

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Trends and Challenges of the Consulting in Human Resources

First roundtable, on April 10, 2014

Mónica Castaño, Gustavo Páez, Olga Salazar, Carlos Beancurt, Martha Ruiz, Francisco Sánchez, Rosalba Grosso

Mónica Castaño, Gustavo Páez, Olga Salazar, Carlos Beancurt, Martha Ruiz,
Francisco Sánchez, Rosalba Grosso

In the frame of the first roundtable: Trends and Challenges of the Consulting in Human Resources, in where participated Mónica Maria Castaño, consulting of API, Francisco Sanchez, manager of Open Mind Consulting, Gustavo Páez, founding partner of RH*T, Martha Ruiz, manager of Strategos and Olga L. Salazar, director of Strategos, we seek to realize an introspective look with regard to the quality and relevancy of the contribution that we are doing to our clients in order to identify actions of improvement to our management.

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Why talk about climate change makes us feel bad: A View from Human resources

It is likely that the reason is due, among others, that do not yet have the necessary information you provide awareness and thereby the making; another, unknown to practical and easy to implement and inspire action.

Later, some of the presented numbers last Monday 31/mar/14 for the Intergovernmental Panel of the UNO on Climate change (IPCC) in Yokohama, Japan:

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Management of the human talent, protagonist in the RSE

Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR – is not a philanthropic fashion and is not exclusive to some stakeholders; involves all members of society: government, business and community, where everyone plays a role and has responsibility for their actions towards others.

According to the survey of corporate social responsibility by ANDI in October 2013, with the participation of 292 companies from different sectors and whose sales totaled $ 210.8 billion pesos, 78% of companies said they have a CSR policy and 65% who have within their company a specific charge for handling.

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3 suggestions: the paper of the leaders in human management opposite to the global crisis of the employment

Although to be clear about unemployment and its devastating consequences are likely to be unaware of the possibility for them to develop internal policies and practices.

With the clarity of not knowing the particularities of the different countries (to cultural standard, social, economic, environmental, etc.), and inclusive in the same territories of Colombia, independent from the geographical location, there is alarming the negative impact that carries the phenomenon of the unemployment (poverty, discrimination, informality, between others).

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It always seems impossible until it’s done*

Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)

¡The spirit of Christmas and spread throughout the workplace is no exception! It’s the perfect opportunity to strengthen and renew our professional dreams, strengthen ties with our friends and colleagues at work, encourage entertainments in our businesses and help those in need.

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Budget with strategic content

Generally, in the last quarter of the year the organizations advance a task that in spite of being periodic, completely structured and announced beforehand, whenever it comes, causes traumatism and to alter the normal operation of the areas: the production of the budget.

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