Our aim is to strength competitiveness of your people.

  • Organizational efficiency and human talent management, our stronghold to obtain results.

  • Business value generation from and for individuals.

  • Our consultancies are structured under resources efficiency basis.

  • We make available to all our clients information on latest and successful tools and strategies in human resource management to improve competitive advantages.

  • We strive for positive changes than can be measured and observed by aligning our services to organization’s culture and objectives.

  • Methodology to identify, build and implement key performance indicators is included

Our aim is to support organizational and human processes to drive productivity and performance by means of projects implementation such as:

  • Structure and Implementation of Human Management Skills Model.
  • Diseño e implementación del Modelo de Gestión Humana por Competencias.
  • Job skills identification and development.
  • Workload measurement
  • Job ranking.
  • Structuring Training Plan.
  • Salary Compensation Studies.
  • Compensation and Benefits Plans.
  • Structuring the area of Human Resources
  • Quality Management Systems: ISO 9001/2008 – 14001/2004 – OHSAS 18001/1999.