The management of the labor, hot climate and warming moreover

4 plans for the welfare and enterprise in the XXI century

In practice, the number of jobs is decreasing, the demands and expectations of companies are increasingly higher day is no longer the exclusive authority of the chiefs; such manifestations, among others, claim that human management leaders strengthen their abilities to think conceptually and strategically in new ways to encourage and recognize the results achieved by employees.

Next Wednesday, the 27th of August, we will realize the virtual conference ‘Challenges and trends in management work environment’ in where we will have opportunity to the reflection share them with major detail so much with regard to ways of strengthening our competitions as strategic allies of the business, as well as 4 additional plans of benefit to the agreements in the present article.

Well it is known that one of the major challenges identified by the organizations is the retention of the human talent before which, these do not reduce his expectations of relying on persons that they should shine so much for having a clear vision of the business and reaching results but also they do it for his enthusiasm and the form in which they infect his environment.

solTo develop this combination, to possess a wide intellectual opening and tolerance to big levels of ambiguity are two of the fundamental elements that will facilitate the strengthening of his – that of the leaders in human management – conceptual and strategic thought. As already noted, teams work increasingly diverse number of jobs with a tendency to decrease, socioeconomic globalization, climate change, Digital communication they are a part of the experiences that the leaders in human talent are called to balance as response to the diverse interests of stakeholders.

Diagnosis of work climate, The implementation of action plans that corrects the identified priorities, as well as the maintenance of a harmonious environment they will help to that the organizations possess the equipment of needed work materializing this way the expectation of the high direction when he trusts in that the investment in methodologies like the management of the labor climate redounds to major productivity and, for ende, to improvement of his results organizacionales.

Human management turns this way into the visionary leader who stimulates the convergence of the corporate efforts (more clients, increase in sales, new markets, innovative products / services, major profitability, etc.) with individuals and Equipments of work increasingly independent and heterogeneous from the strategic management of structural variables (policies, structure, management styles, procedures, resources, etc.) that affect in the perception of the workers when of managing a good labor climate it treats itself.

It is from our experience accumulated with clients of different productive sectors that we summarize and share, initially, four action plans that on having been implemented as strategy in the management of the labor climate help to mitigate the impact without precedents to cognitive, emotional level and comportamental to that the workers meet doomed:

  1. Manage the labor climate as strategy, not as ritual. Measure it at least once every two years, socialize lossol2 results +
    action plans and begin to see changes from 2-3 subsequent years; it is a question of doing maintenance and follow-up to him, apply to him the famous and simple cycle PHVA.sol2
  2. Promise to diminish the rotation of the best. Identify this index, quantify his costs (recruitment, induction, training, detachment, etc.), complement the diagnosis of labor climate with the motives of retirement and implement actions that generate positive impact in the well-being, reducing this way the index of rotation; to end, quantify costs for decrease of the rotation.
  3. The conciliation becomes institutionalized between labor and personal life. Independent from the heterogeneity of the civil servants (kind, age, responsibilities, etc.), at the moment of working, every person perceives subjectively his working place. Promote that this one is evaluated positively from the individual priorities: children, spouses, friends, community, hobbies, etc.
  4. Structure working places with goals retadoras attainable. Identify, activate, support and lead conducts to reach results that satisfy the needs of the civil servants – individual and collectivly – in parallel with the results of the company.

In William J’s words. Reddin (Notebooks of Management, 2004), the following indicators are the reflection of a labor climate of challenge that in turn, they use as guide to structure action plans that answer to his achievement:

And if the management of the labor climate is hot and is warming up furthermore, the leaders in human management also it must be in terms of his aptitude to anticipate, to adapt and to harmonize the individual interests with the groups; this way the things, from already we possess his participation, questions and contributions in our virtual conference ‘Challenges and trends in management of the labor climate’ o enrich this content.
Martha Ruiz