Make strategic decisions by measuring worker’s perception from their work environment that affects their welfare and productivity.

No investment in infrastructure or licensing costs.

  • Semantic adaptation of EstraClima to the organizations’ language or parameterize organization’s test(s) in Strategos server.
  • Guaranteed confidentiality of employees’ answers.
  • Five working days after finishing filling out of tests, client will receive virtual results.
  • Specific and general graphic reports with analysis and suggested action plan.
  • Immediate access from any place, multiple users, real-time information, safe and reliable information.
  • Reports as per organization’s needing: job position, competences, areas, branch, etc.).
  • From second application with Strategos, comparative reports between last measurement and former ones.
  • Design and implementation of sensibilization program for employees.
  • Download e-StraClima and Technical List.