Necessary relation: labour climate and productivity

Already is culminating the World Cup Brazil 2014, marks 25 days of global euphoria with results that have surpassed historical attendance figures, transactional social networks, viewers worldwide and of course, new sports records.

And at par of the collective enthusiasm that wakes the feeling of a country up it was doing his selection, the companies had to accept the fervor mundialista and adapt his schedules of work, facilitate the possibility of seeing the parties, adapt to the programming of the eliminating ones, in last, to accept inside the agenda of work the parties, even some they adapted the decoration of the according offices to the fever mundialista.

This relaxation showing the organizations confirms that administer thinking only on results and not on the people who make them possible is a mistake that the current administration can not afford having increasingly to focus their efforts on achieving optimum their political relationship between talent management, employee motivation and productivity.

In this aspect, again the areas of management of human talent there enter a leading role to the being the persons in charge of promoting a culture organizacional consistent with an environment of work that looks for the alignment of the personal motivations with the managerial goals. It is not sufficient to accept the collective euphoria and to adapt the schedule for one week, must correspond to structural policies of the organization that they favor to possess motivated and awkward employees.

A key tool to identify if you are doing the job correctly is to assess how employees are feeling the talent management if there is interest in them concern for their welfare, if they identify with the company and see them as opportunities for growth professional and personal.

The action to continue for the areas of human management is similar to a medical plan: first to know the current situation, to realize a diagnosis, to establish the suitable treatment and then to check the obtained changes.


  • Current situation: to identify the principal indicators of management of the organization, of the business and of human management (sales, costs of list, investment in human management, plans of well-being, levels of absenteeism, index of rotation, etc.)
  • Diagnosis: to realize the measurement of the labor climate that includes in the questionnaire different aspects on the needs and satisfaction of the employee on his environment, for example*:


  • Action Plan: from the feedback of results with senior management to identify general actions cross the entire organization and with leaders and their teams, specific actions for workspaces. Set stock short (2-3 months), medium (6 months to 1 year) and long term (1-3 years)
  • Results: review indicators identified in the current situation and establish its evolution, review compliance schedule established action and indicators for each strategy and make a new measurement of the work environment.
  • While it is true that the working environment is not the responsibility of the management area talent, yes it is the promotion from top management policies and guidelines that promote wellness and employee motivation, and each of the leaders, a coherent style direction therewith.

Olga L. Salazar P.