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Features of STS

  • Technology is cloud computing.
  • It is a system 100% online.
  • He sends massive post office of information of the process before and after the application of the test it Allows to have a login and password for every civil servant.
  • Reports real time the number of civil servants who finished the evaluation, they began the evaluation but they have not ended and civil servants who have not initiated the process.
  • It is in aptitude to open and close the system for web way
  • It allows to personalize messages when the employee enters to the system (message of welcome and farewell).
  • It allows to add questions sociodemográficas to the beginning of the test.
  • Allows open questions.
  • It has storage system so that questions whether or Internet light goes and answers will not be lost.
  • Administrator possesses a module from where they can consult advances and see graphs of results.
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